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Our most common maintenance services include:

Simple text-based updates Picture updating News and press releases Marketing message updates and development Time-sensitive updates We define Maintenance as anything that isn’t a change to “structure” or “layout” of the site and is basically just updating the content inside your existing web site. Billing for Maintenance: Usually, if we developed your site we will either include an option for a monthly/weekly maintenance package in the contract. With this, there is a set number of hours you can use us to update the site. We can also develop your site so that you can maintain the site using a software package (similar to Microsoft Word) that allows even a computer novice to update your site with our included training; thus reducing maintenance costs again. We also work with retainer based Maintenance packages where your company would pay a monthly fee for a set number of hours of maintenance every month, the number of months you agree to in the contract the lower the pricing for maintenance. We also work on ‘per-job’ requests where we quote a price for a job’s scope. Have questions? Call us at: (888) 871-7181 Request a Quote

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